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Day 2: Gathering Materials Continued

Posted by on February 27, 2012

Ok, so the quest to gather everything else we need is moving along… as is the price tag.  I had the dreaded wife comment today… “this better work!”… “Ok honey”.  That being said, I think by the coming weekend we’ll be ready to start assembling.  Here’s what I ordered today – (all through with FREE shipping)

In addition, I went to the IKEA site and created a shopping list for the Broder rack and shelving we’re going to use.  I added the following items to the list:

  • 2 Galvinized front brackets
  • 2 4′ posts
  • 2 l-foot brackets with brace
  • 2 broder shelves (max load 220 lbs – crossing my fingers the tank comes in below that….)


I also scanned in my sketches from yesterday morning… BEWARE – they are VERY TECHNICAL!

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