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Day 1: Gathering Materials

Posted by on February 27, 2012

Well, after a great deal of scattered research we decided today to start gathering materials for our project.  We decided to use a modified “Ebb and Flow” strategy for our first attempt.  We are dealing with a limited, indoor space in a house that we rent so we’re looking for something compact, clean, efficient, and a good test bed for future expansion.  I’d like to thank bluemist431 and his youtube channel for giving us the inspiration to create our first design.  We are using a hybrid of 2 of his designs to create our system.  Check out bluemist431’s youtube channel here.

Listed here is our preliminary shopping list.  As we’re trying to create much of the system on a budget, we’ll be shopping around on craigslist to pick up some of the larger odds and ends, especially the fish tank and accessories.

  • A tank for the fish: 20-30 gallon, (budget $40)
  • Gravel – 2.5 lbs./gravel for every 5 gallons of water in the fish tank ($20)
  • Water pump – we picked up an Eco264 submersible (pum[s 264 gallons/hour)
  • 20 ft. of plastic tubing that fits the outlet on your water pump ($15)
  • Aquarium air pump – we picked up an Eco Air2 4 watt pump
  • Air stone (1” – 3”) ($1 – $2)
  • Tubing for air pump and air stone ($5)
  • Grow Bed – must sit on top of fish tank and be 3” – 8” deep – we picked a 36″ plastic bin
  • Growing Medium – Expanded clay pebbles (we spent $10 on a good sized bag)
  • pH test kit and, depending on the pH of your water, pH down or pH up ($5 – $15)
  • Fish and plants

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