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The Eagle has landed

Posted by on March 4, 2012

Ok, so i think we finally have everything we need… here’s what arrived in the last few days:

  • All Ikea Broder parts and pieces – it took two trips to our local Ikea (Stoughton, Mass) but we finally have what we need.  We’ll be working from the shorger (39″) poles since the 7′ wouldn’t fit in the wife’s car… c’est la vie….
  • Fish tank from amazon…. good set, saw just the filter at a pet store for $40 and i bought the whole 20 gallon tank set for $109 delivered.
  • Bulkhead valves from amazon – they have 2 different size attachments which screws me as i ended up with 2 plastic bins instead of the one large i had envisioned.  I’ll have to get a length of 3/4″ tubing for one of the exit valve.
I picked up some seeds for the aquaponic garden today:
  • Boston bibb lettuce (2 kinds, one organic martha stewart brand and one regular – harrvest times were about 15 days difference… we’ll see in reality.
  • A few other lettuce types – will test for optimal strand
  • chives
  • cilantro
  • snow peas (might be tough)
  • basil


I’ve run into some issues, here are the big ones…

  1. I bought a whole micro sprinkler head that attaches to the 3/16″ tubing i picked up at Organically Grown Hydroponics in Cranston, RI.  The issue is i can’t convert the 1/2″ submersed pump feed to the 3/16″ tube, seems so simple but having no luck.
  2. I thought the width of the Ikea shelves would be the full width of the shelving unit meaning it would sit perfectly in my window adjacent to my bookshelf and dresser… unfortunately the t-legs for the shelf sit outside the width of the shelf – the total width of the unit is 48″.
  3. I am concerned about the amount of sun the plants will get from inside the window, mmy conisder running the tubes out the window in the summerfor max sun exposur

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