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Sleep with the fishes…

Posted by on April 9, 2012

Do’s and Don’ts of choosing fish for Home Aquaponics


  1. Let your tank fully cycle (2 weeks should be perfect) before adding fish.
  2. Get your water fully tested both prior to adding fish and on an ongoing basis once the tank is stocked.
  3. Buy your fish from a reputable pet store .
  4. Choose a hardy breed (I am now using comet goldfish – good size and seem to be pretty strong.


  1. Forget to rinse your Hydroton prior to adding to grow bed – failure to do so will hurt your fish and make your tank VERY cloudy.
  2. Forget to account for heat loss from grow bed, for a 20 gallon tank you might need a 40 gallon heater.
  3. Buy “feeder fish” on the cheap – these fish are usually packed into tight confines and come with *FREE* diseases.
  4. Pick anything too frilly or pretty – your girlfriend might like them today but she will cry when you flush Nemo in a few days.


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